Origin Broadcast has developped with Code Mettle ORIGIN PROPHECY, a Supervision Solution based on Big Data. Code Mettle provides the Supervision Core with its innovative Solutions NSO. Origin Prophecy is the Big Data Analytics engine which enable NSO to bring predicts failures or system behaviour.

Next Generation NMS: NSO
NSO ,Networks Services Orchestrator, from Code Mettle is a Supervision solution using Cloud/Cluster technology.
It is used for monitoring and supervision for:
- Large Contribution Distribution Networks
- Video Head End or broadcast infrastructure (DVBT/T2, IPTV...)
- Data Center /CDN
- Telecom networks ( Mobile or fixe)

NSO is a open Supervsion platform which can control and monitor any equipments.
- NSO GUI is completely customizable, using Library of View
- Drivers Integrations are included in Origin Prophecy offer
- NSO offer the entire module for supervision: Automation/Correlation Engine , Advanced failure detection system, reporting …

Origin Prophecy
Origin Prophecy is the Big Data Engin enabling NSO supervision to Prophesis coming Events and allows actions before it occures. NSO is the Supervision Framework where all functionality and views are provided to react and report current events. Origin Prophecy is the next generation of Supervision for Large networks : Telco, Mobile, CDN, ISP… any operator generating large volume of DATA

What is Big Data? An example
Fall of 2012, the Wall Street journal ran an article describing how Netflix used Big Data to build out their streaming video service.
Netflix were able to analyze traffic details for various devices, spot problem areas and add network throughput to help prepare for future demand.
Netflix was also able to get more insight into the type of content customers preferred which enabled them to make more accurate suggestions as to what subscribers might like.

What Prophecy can tell?
For large Networks , Big Data allows to predict :
- Infrastructure failure, when and where
- Pic Traffic, when and where
- Customer satisfaction
- Consumer behavior
Many others applications can be found, Customer needs to define the right Question he is seeking Answer.

Pre requirement for Origin Prophecy
- Customer defines a precise Question, ex: Detect IP Traffic Pic in a specific region of the networks
- A BIG DATA Specialist Analyzes ALL your DATA BASE, to identify pattern , hidden threads, trends , using Big Data tool frame.

Scalable and Customized Achitecture
Origin Prophecy architecture is Designed to manage the Customer 3V context:
- Volumes: High volumes of data
- Velocity: Process fast enough before Event occurs
- Variety: Manage the variety of data format