Essential Series is a H264 compression portfolio including Multiplexer, Encoder and IRD. Essential Series products are designed based on GENERIC architecture widely used on many platform in the market, it is created to be simple, reliable and cost effective.
Essential offers 3 products:
- Essential Mux: is a Multiplexer in a 1RU Chassis with 3 ( S3 chassis) and 6 (S6 chassis) slots where Inputs and outputs cards can be inserted. Optional Cards such as transrater or transcoder can be added in these slots to prepare signal before Multiplexing.
- Essential H264 : is an Encoder/transcoder based on the same chassis S3/S6 as the Multiplexer, Essential Encoders/transcoders are from different flavor designed on Magnum and Fujitsu Chipset.
- Essential IRD: is the most popular IRD platform, most complet, and most cost effective in the market, the IRD comes with different configuration from DVBS/S2, DVBT/T2, IP and ASI.