Essencial IRD, is a realtime compact 1RU MPEG2/H264 SD/HD IRD for Broadcast applications. His design is based on a generic architecture widely used on many IRD platform in the market, it is created to be simple , reliable and cost effective. Essential IRD can be used in:
- IP Distribution
- IP Reception for VHE
- IP Contribution link

DVBS/S2 , ASI and IP inputs
Essential IRD has multi inputs, it hosts a DVBS/S2 receiver and includes ASI and IP inputs:
- 4 ASI inputs , 2 inputs, 2 outputs
- 2 TS over IP Gbe Ports
- 2 RF DVB S/S2 Ports

TS Processing and Descrambling
Essential IRD includes processing features:
- Builtin Mux to remux or mux incoming services.
- 2 CI slots for DVB Simulcrypt supporting Multi Channels descrambling.
- BISS0/1/E descrambling.
- PSI/SI processing or regeneration.
- FEC ProMPEG CoP3v2.

Satellite Inband Control
Essentil IRD is controlled by SNMP or web GUI through the IP control port.
For remote site with no IP link, It can be controlled with inband control command from the Satellite signal, the control is embedded in private data within the TS.

2 RF inputs
DVB-S2 Multi-stream (Optional)
4 ASI 2 inputs 2 outputs
2 IP Gbe1 input, 1 output
ASI/IP Path redundancy
1 IP port 100Mbs Control

1 SDI output ( 2 embedded Audios)
1 AES/EBU digital audio output, 2 pairs Analog balanced/unbalanced output
GPI alarm and cue tone output
HDMI output for monitoring

PID filtering
PCR re-mapping filling (VBR/CBR)
PSI/SI processing and regeneration
VBI subtitle insertion from analogue video
TS or Service Mux/Remux
TS or EIT pass-through

Video Decoding
H264 AVC HD MP@L4.0 / HP@4.0

Audio Decoding
Musicam (MPEG1 LII)
AC3 (Optional), E-AC3 (Optional)
AAC (MPEG2, MPEG4/ HE V1.2, MPEG4/LC) (Optional)

Web GUI , SNMP , Front panel keypad , Satellite TS Inband control.

ASI Inputs Specifications
4 ASI BNC 75 Ohm
2 Inputs, 2 Outputs
Max Birtrate: 100Mbs per Port
Packet: 188/204 Bytes
Input Mode: Spreed and Burst
Output Mode: Burst
Bypass: MPEG2/H264 stream, AC3/EAC3 Audio bypass

Descrambling Specifications
2 CI slots Multi-channel descrambling
Bitrate: 100Mbs Max
CAM: Aston, SMIT, Neotion… (list on request)
CAS Supported: Conax, Irdeto, Viaccess, NDS, Novel-SuperTV, CTI… (List on request)
BISS: BISS1 on TS and Service level

RF inputs Specifications
2 RF F-type 75 Ohm, 1 input, 1 loop
Constellation: QPSK, 8PSK
Symbol rate: 1-45Msps
Input Fq. : 950-2150 MHz
Max Bitrate: 150 Mbps
Signal Level: -65 to –25 dBm
LNB : DC 13V/18V
22K: On/Off

IP inputs Specifications
2 Gbe RJ45 Ports
Streaming: UDP, RTP - Auto detection
Unicast/Multicast : V2, V3 (Optional)
Protection: FEC ProMPEG CoP3v2
TCP/IP protocol: IPV4, IPV6 (Optional)